You like those odds?

The FDA has granted full approval to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Even though the research on these vaccines started over 20 years ago and all the experts explained they were, thus, far from experimental, full FDA approval now removes one of the big reasons vaccine-hesitant people use to explain their reluctance.

In 2017, Oregon posted 573 flu deaths. Today, the New York Times reports Oregon’s COVID deaths to date at 3,033. Using the 2017 data, this translates to roughly 859 flu deaths for the same period that saw over 3,000 COVID deaths.

Even if you feel invincible, surely there are people you care about who have health conditions putting them at risk for the worst side of COVID. Yeah, I know, it’s gotta be a tough decision between those loved ones and scoring political points.

If your mind is already made up and you want affirmation, I’m sure you’ll have no difficulty finding two or three outlier researchers who will back up whatever claim you prefer. But the logical part of you should remember that I can show you 10,000 scientists for each of your two or three outliers — credentialed virologists, epidemiologists and microbiologists representing the globe’s preeminent academic and research institutions, all with published, peer-reviewed research. Further, as fast as the outliers put out their material, it’s scientifically rebutted by the aforementioned credentialed virologists, epidemiologists and microbiologists.

If your mind is still made up, whatever you do, don’t go to Las Vegas or even Spirit Mountain or Chinook Winds Casinos. Your understanding of odds means you’ll almost certainly leave penniless.

Photograph © Aidan Howe via Pixabay

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