“I have become everything I ever mocked as penance for the hedonism of my youth.” —Matthew Meador

A former food and wine writer, wine columnist and senior editor of two regional food-and-beverage magazines, Matthew Meador discovered that the COVID era presented an opportunity for a giant reset — although, it’s not really like he had a choice in the matter.

One of the four or five remaining moderate Republicans, Matt has switched to writing political commentary because it allows him to be grouchy now that he is no longer paid to eat, drink and be merry. In a previous life, Matt was an award-winning graphic artist who often put his skills to use during election seasons. He also was rumored to have lurked around the capitol building at one point, having learned that Legislative Counsel put his bill drafts to the front of the line when he brought them cookies or plates of food from whatever lobbying group was feeding the building on any given day.

Matt may disagree with you but he plays well with others and will never hold your wrongness against you. However, he might have trouble stifling a laugh if you told him there was a giant satanistic underground mutant mafia ninja sex cabal running the Newberg schools. C’mon, man. We know you hate the lefties but such outrageous hyperbole sounds downright hysterical.

Matt’s writing appears on the Ridenbaugh Press and in McMinnville’s venerable News-Register, among other places.